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Date: Wed Jan 28 1998 - 09:12:02 EST

I have seen a similar ad and my first reaction was: this is "zero" or
"null". In other words, the sign meant to me "its not worth much !"
Obviously, this is not the message you want to send. On the other hand, it
may be my personal perception :-)

This is the problem with gestures, you never know who is going to be
offended or not.


>This is an unusual request on these lists, but I know that some of you
>will have an answer to the following question:
>We are planning an advertisement that would show a person making the OK
>gesture (thumb and index finger in a circle with other 3 fingers
>straight). Could this be misconstrued as a vulgar gesture in some parts
>of the world?
>Is there a listing of what gestures are appropriate?
>Your input is very much appreciated.
>Thanks and regards
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