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Date: Wed Jan 28 1998 - 12:58:22 EST

Il will simply be taken as meaning the figure "3" for a Chinese. There is no special gesture for OK meaning "alright". But if you want to say an OK which means also "that's very good" or even "superb", you can hold your fist while pointing your thumb upwards.

Jian Yang

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>This is an unusual request on these lists, but I know that some of you
>will have an answer to the following question:
>We are planning an advertisement that would show a person making the OK
>gesture (thumb and index finger in a circle with other 3 fingers
>straight). Could this be misconstrued as a vulgar gesture in some parts
>of the world?
>Is there a listing of what gestures are appropriate?
>Your input is very much appreciated.
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