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From: Mark Davis (
Date: Tue Feb 03 1998 - 10:08:53 EST

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> When I tried to use unicode in a java program, I don't get a character,
> just a blank space, or an underline rather than a Hebrew character. why? Is
> there a unicode font that you have to download before you can use it or????
> new to unicode land, -Karen

First, if you want to display a given Unicode character, then you have to make
sure that you have a font containing that character on your system.

Second, you have to let Java know about that font. (You can't do this in Java
1.0, only in 1.1 or later.) The way you do that is to edit the
file in your Java directory. Sun has a web page talking about this, at (You can
also do a search for "" on

> Jonathan Rosenne <>
> The Java specification does not include proper suopport for bidi, thus it
> cannot claim to support Unicode.

This statement is not quite accurate. To support Unicode, an implementation
does not have to support every Unicode character--Java currently does not
support Arabic or Hebrew. However, work is underway to support both of them in
Java 1.2.

Mark Davis

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