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Date: Tue Feb 03 1998 - 11:24:38 EST

Could someone point me to a place where I can download (buy ??) Unicode fonts,
which I can use to display say, far-eastern and middle-eastern languages ???


Mark Davis wrote:

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> > When I tried to use unicode in a java program, I don't get a character,
> > just a blank space, or an underline rather than a Hebrew character. why? Is
> > there a unicode font that you have to download before you can use it or????
> > new to unicode land, -Karen
> First, if you want to display a given Unicode character, then you have to make
> sure that you have a font containing that character on your system.
> Second, you have to let Java know about that font. (You can't do this in Java
> 1.0, only in 1.1 or later.) The way you do that is to edit the
> file in your Java directory. Sun has a web page talking about this, at
> (You can
> also do a search for "" on
> > Jonathan Rosenne <>
> > The Java specification does not include proper suopport for bidi, thus it
> > cannot claim to support Unicode.
> This statement is not quite accurate. To support Unicode, an implementation
> does not have to support every Unicode character--Java currently does not
> support Arabic or Hebrew. However, work is underway to support both of them in
> Java 1.2.
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