Re: European Currency Symbol

From: Asmus Freytag (
Date: Tue Feb 10 1998 - 03:33:13 EST

At 11:50 AM 02/09/98 -0800, David Goldsmith wrote:
>Michael Everson ( wrote:
>>>Everybody please remember, the EURO SIGN is U+20AC, a
>>>character newly added to Unicode.
>>Everybody please remember, Amendment 18 which contains the following
>>characters has NOT yet passed all its ballots and, unlikely as it may be,
>>the names or code positions could yet change.
>Since Microsoft is already shipping fonts and software that locate the
>Euro at U+20AC, and Apple will also be doing so soon, I think it's very,
>very unlikely that this assignment will change.

Please note that this information is all available on the recently re-designed
Unicode Web site at

together with an explanation of stages of approval in the ISO process and
a caution to the implementer.

This said, with actual currency in circulation planned for 2002
(and for all purposes short of circulation from 1999) there is really not much
time left for backing and fro'ing on this issue, which just adds to the momentum
behind the Amendment under ballot.


Asmus Freytag
Vice President
The Unicode Consortium

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