ANNOUNCE: new charset soups (ISO 8859, Cyrillic, Unicode, Euro, ...)

From: Roman Czyborra (
Date: Mon Jun 15 1998 - 19:57:31 EDT

This is to announce that I have moved and spiced up
my webpage on ISO 8859 and now I can proudly offer you:

        The ISO 8859 Alphabet Soup
        with all the latest news up until ISO-8859-15
        special guest: the Euro sign

        The Cyrillic Charset Soup NEW! HOT! UNIQUE! BLINK!
        the history of KOI-8 (the Russian ASCII) & Co.
        slightly opinionated towards KOI8 Unified and Unicode

        Good ole' ASCII
        a few words on ISO-646 (US-ASCII and its national variants)
        and the development towards ISO-10646 (Unicode)

        Codepage & Co.
        a superficial introduction to Bill's code page jungle

        Encoding Vietnamese
        a graphical illustration of VISCII (RFC 1456)

Please update your links to the old locations and is there to stay permanently.

That was the good news. Enjoy!

The bad news is that my promised Unicode-HOWTO for Linux is horribly
delayed. It is still far from having grown to a publishable state.
My original time frame turned out to be a bit too optimistic. I
haven't even gotten back to all the celebrities who sent suggestions.
Good things may come to those who wait, though.

Cheers, Roman

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