Re: Outlook & the Euro

From: John Cowan (
Date: Mon Jun 22 1998 - 17:17:28 EDT

Alain wrote:

> Those who would even like to minimize changes could even, as Eudora Pro
> does between ASCII and Latin 1, analyze the message sent, and if it is the
> common intersection subset of Latin 1 and Latin 9, could even tag it as
> Latin 1 in such cases, the default remaining Latin 9 (Latin 9 could be
> tagged in the same way without any difference).

This relatively small effort is far preferable to labeling everything
Latin-9, for many systems will reject Latin-9 messages or force
the user to run an outboard program to display it, and the more
standards-conformant a system is (given that it has never heard
of Latin-9), the more likely it is to handle such messages poorly.
After all, blindly displaying a character set you do not understand
as if it were one you do understand is almost always a mistake.

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