Re: ISO/TC46/SC2 character set registrations - Hebrew

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Wed Jul 08 1998 - 05:51:27 EDT

Ar 13:06 -0400 1998-07-07, scríobh Jonathan Rosenne:
>The SII decided today to oppose the registration of the proposed Hebrew
>character sets and the so called "missing" Hebrew characters.
>The proposals are based on ISO 8957, a standard that had slipped through
>the system and the withdrawal of which has been requested by the SII. As
>far as we know, there are no implementations of ISO 8957.

Apparently, that standard was developed with considerable input and
expertise from Israeli experts. I've asked Randy to try to dig out the
relevant documents, which may be of interest to SII.

>It is my personal opinion that serious consideration should be given to any
>new development of 8 bit code standards, apart from necessary maintenance
>such as the Euro.

I guess you mean "no serious consideration", Jony. But registration of the
existing ISO standards is not the development of new 8-bit code standards.
ISO 8957 was approved in 1993 (I believe) and published in 1996.

The task was to ensure that existing ISO standards were supported in the
UCS. This support is one of the concerns of TC46/SC2, which has been asked
to give up its work on character sets. It is why we worked so hard to map
TC46 characters to the UCS, why we registered the standards, and why we
have proposed a number of characters to be added to the UCS.

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