RE: Draft of new JIS extended Kanji character set

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Date: Thu Nov 19 1998 - 19:25:34 EST


If you want a paper copy of the CJK extensions that Rick mentioned in
his e-mail, please send me your address.


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Subject: Draft of new JIS extended Kanji character set

Draft of new JIS extended Kanji character set is released and being
reviewed by public. (written in Japanese)
The draft defines about 4K Kanji and 630 symbols.
I just browsed the draft and found many Kanji characters (about
450 - 500) are not defined in UCS (Unicode).
The draft also defines the code points of symbols which are not the
same as the current MS/NEC/IBM implementations.
I would like to know your position regarding the draft.
How do you support/implement the draft, or just wait until the Unicode
incorporates the standard, etc.
Is there any volunteer to make a code table from the draft? The draft
is written in Japanese pdf but I don't have a tool converting pdf to

Hiro Yoshioka (home) (office) (written in Japanese)  

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