Draft of new JIS extended Kanji character set

From: Hiro Yoshioka (HYOSHIOK@us.oracle.com)
Date: Thu Nov 19 1998 - 17:02:01 EST

Draft of new JIS extended Kanji character set is released and being
reviewed by public.
http://jcs.aa.tufs.ac.jp/jcs/pubrev/index.htm (written in Japanese)
The draft defines about 4K Kanji and 630 symbols.
I just browsed the draft and found many Kanji characters (about
450 - 500) are not defined in UCS (Unicode).
The draft also defines the code points of symbols which are not the
same as the current MS/NEC/IBM implementations.
I would like to know your position regarding the draft.
How do you support/implement the draft, or just wait until the Unicode
incorporates the standard, etc.
Is there any volunteer to make a code table from the draft? The draft
is written in Japanese pdf but I don't have a tool converting pdf to

Hiro Yoshioka 
mailto:yoshioka@best.com (home) 
mailto:hyoshiok@jp.oracle.com (office) 
http://www.best.com/~yoshioka/d/98/ (written in Japanese) 

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