Re: Draft of new JIS extended Kanji character set

From: Ken Lunde (
Date: Fri Nov 20 1998 - 14:46:50 EST


The Hong Kong GCCS character set includes about 1,500 hanzi that are
not in the basic set of 20,902 in Unicode 2.1. The set itself is
apparently randomly ordered. The best way to find hanzi in that set is
through a Chinese dictionary for Big Five that includes this
extension (reading, stroke count, and radical indexes included).

Info is at:

Ordering info is at:

The price including airmail shipping to the US is about $30. I found
my copy at the Eastwind Bookstore in San Francisco. Info on the
standard, including bitmap fonts, is at:

BTW, my forthcoming book includes complete code tables for Hong Kong
GCCS, CNS 11643-1992 (yep, the whole thing!), and CNS 11643-1986 Plane
15. Of course, other more common standards are included as well. Not a
single character is bitmapped (except when I discuss bitmapped versus
outline fonts). I used high-quality outline fonts for the whole
thing. My CNS 11643-1992 CIDFont (includes CNS 11643-1986 Plane 15)
has 55,880 CIDs, and is about 44MB in size.


-- Ken

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