From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Fri Nov 20 1998 - 13:58:50 EST

Markus Kuhn pulled up from somewhere:

> 20AF DRACHMA SIGN (not yet under ballot)

Not only is this character not yet under ballot,
it has not yet been formally *considered* either by
WG2 or the UTC.

The reason why Michael Everson (?) has jumped the gun on
this one is that there is a reasonable presumption that
the DRACHMA SIGN *will* be added at the last minute by WG2
for the republication of 10646, based on the fact that it
is being added to the revised ISO 8859-7.

But no one knows for sure what will happen on this one --
it is premature to be including it in any implementation
lists until after the next WG2 meeting, in March, 1999
in Fukuoka, Japan, when this currency sign will presumably
be considered.

--Ken Whistler

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