Re: locale-*independent* vi editor supporting UTF-8

From: Asmus Freytag (
Date: Tue Dec 08 1998 - 17:43:20 EST

Please have a look at Unicode Technical Report 11, which deals with the
issues of display width defaults for Unicode characters used in legacy
character sets.


>At 11:31 AM 12/8/98 -0800, Jungshik Shin wrote:
> One remaining issue to resolve is which charcters are half-width and
>which are full-width. In CJK cases, it's clear-cut, but in UTF-8, it's
>not so. I guess it would be all right if vi and terminal emulator can
>agree with each other on the character width. Perhaps, the following rules
>of thumb might work:
> 1. All characters "derived" from ISO-8859-x and
> other single byte charcaters sets(and related) are half-width
> even if they're also defined in CJK source standard
> (e.g. U???? copyright symbol would be half-width
> even thought it's full-width in CJK environment)
> 2. CJKV UniHan and Korean Hangul(pre-composed) are full-width
> 3. All characters in CJK compatibility blocks are full-width
> ..... and some more

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