question re: Hebrew accents

From: Scobie Smith (
Date: Thu Jan 28 1999 - 19:43:48 EST

I think there is an error in the Unicode 2.0 specification of two
similar-looking Hebrew cantillation marks.

Zarqa (0598) is represented as centered over its base. It is not. It is a
postpositive accent, standing over the upper left corner. It's used in the
21 books.
Zinor (05ae) is represented correctly as postpositive, standing over the
upper left. It's used in the 3 poetical books.

Zinnorit is missing. It uses a glyph that looks like both of the above, but
is centered over its base.

It strikes me that there has been a mix-up. Zarqa and zinor are the same
glyph and do not need to be separate Unicode values. Zinnorit needs to be
represented, and it looks like what the current Unicode zarqa shows.

This is not real issue. I have data to encode in Unicode for a publisher,
and he is using zinnorit. I really don't want to resort to the private use
area on this one....

Please advise,


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