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Date: Fri Jan 29 1999 - 03:32:52 EST

Zarqa is basically "above". The detailed positioning rules of Hebrew points
and accents are too complex and imprecise and are of no interest to
character standards. Unicode provides just a general indication of the

For example, the placement of Dagesh, basically a dot in the center of the
letter, is affected by aesthetic considerations and conventions such that
most font makes prefer to have the each letter with Dagesh a separate font.
Or Sheva, basically "below", is moved to the right on some letters.

The source for the accents is SI 1489, which is based on The Hebrew
Encyclopedia, Vol. 18, page 866.


At 17:18 28/01/99 -0800, you wrote:
>Well, here is my resolution of this situation, within the parameters of the
>spec as is.
>The missing glyph for zinnorit looks like Unicode "zarqa", centered over its
>base. Call this the zinnorit glyph. Use this only in zinnorit.
>Zarqa and zinor actually look alike, like Unicode "zinor", over upper left.
>Call this the zarqa/zinor glyph. Use this for both zarqa and zinor.
>This seems reasonable to me, esp. since zinnorit involves more than one
>glyph, including a "zarqa"-like piece.
>Any other opinions out there?
>Scobie Smith
>Logos Research Systems
>Oak Harbor, WA
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>I think there is an error in the Unicode 2.0 specification of two
>similar-looking Hebrew cantillation marks.
>Zarqa (0598) is represented as centered over its base. It is not. It is a
>postpositive accent, standing over the upper left corner. It's used in the
>21 books.
>Zinor (05ae) is represented correctly as postpositive, standing over the
>upper left. It's used in the 3 poetical books.
>Zinnorit is missing. It uses a glyph that looks like both of the above, but
>is centered over its base.
>It strikes me that there has been a mix-up. Zarqa and zinor are the same
>glyph and do not need to be separate Unicode values. Zinnorit needs to be
>represented, and it looks like what the current Unicode zarqa shows.
>This is not real issue. I have data to encode in Unicode for a publisher,
>and he is using zinnorit. I really don't want to resort to the private use
>area on this one....
>Please advise,
>To attack a task from the wrong end can do nothing but harm.
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