Re: Questions about proposed characters

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Sun May 30 1999 - 08:10:59 EDT

Ar 21:15 -0700 1999-05-29, scríobh Curtis Clark:
>There are several symbols and characters that I can't find in the
>information on the web site. If they are not in the standard,
>and if I can elicit some consensus that they should be, then I plan to
>propose them. If they are (or if they have already been rejected), I want
>to find out now before I spend any more time on it. I'm a newbie at
>Unicode, but I have a fair understanding of the natural science user
>community of which I'm a member.
>Here they are:
>Miscellaneous symbol BIENNIAL: similar to U+2609 SUN, but with two dots


Curtis, Asmus Freytag and I have taken an interest in symbols such as you
list and are collecting a bucket of them to be proposed. We'd need the
usual proofs of existence and so on; on my web site as you know there are
lots of samples of what's needed. You might want to liaise with Asmus and
me to further these symbols.

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