Re: UTF-8 support in the X Window System

From: Hideki Hiura (
Date: Tue Jun 22 1999 - 17:22:55 EDT

> From: (Erik van der Poel)
> > FYI: What X-i18n WG planned to support Unicode string right before X
> > Consortium was tapering out is to define CompoundText2, which directly
> > transfer UTF16.
> Let's not revive that proposal.

It is just a history ;-) It's not a live proposal.

> If we do revive it, please change the
> name from CompoundText2 to something else (say, UTF16_STRING).

I have just verified that it was called UCS-CT '96 at last.

> But UTF8_STRING is sufficient, so let's not have so many different ways
> to do it. Having a single way to do Unicode in X selections would avoid
> confusion, and provide a single goal for implementors.

As far as I remember, most of commercial unicode implementations of X
use extended segment of CompoundText to get maximum interoperability
with existing locales.

Hideki HIURA, hideki.hiura@Sun.COM
Sun Microsystems Inc. Mountain View, CA.

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