Address Change Assistance Required

From: Matthew Sickles (
Date: Fri Jul 30 1999 - 15:42:00 EDT

Why are you getting this message?

Recently Nortel Networks changed the domain name to As
a result of this change, mailing lists are consistently sending mail to some
of our older domain addresses. In an attempt to reduce the mail volume to
these legacy domains, we are trying to contact the administrators for
list-servers for assistance.

What can you do?

If you could please review your address databases and change the addresses
that have the following domain names to

Why should you assist us?

Beginning in October we will start sending an NDR (non-delivery report) for
all messages sent to older domains. In preparing ahead of time, we can
prevent hundreds and thousands of messages from being sent to an incorrect

What if you do not find any addresses in your database?

Please disregard this message. If in future mailings you keep getting
messages from me and you are annoyed, please contact me and we can work out
these issues one-on-one.

What if you find older Nortel Networks domains in your database?

Thank you so much for your assistance, send me an e-mail with the list of
addresses and I will forward you a Thank You Gift from Nortel Networks for
your assistance. We appreciate your help and always appreciate the
co-operation of postmasters, mailing-list and list-server administrators.


Matthew W. Sickles
Sr. Project Manager
Nortel Networks Messaging Service


Matthew W. Sickles
Nortel Networks
919.303.6656 [ESN] 455.6656 [voice]
919.303.8850 [ESN] 455.8850 [fax]

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