Re: Unicode and transliteration

Date: Tue Aug 24 1999 - 08:57:53 EDT

>To my knowledge there is not a single 8-bit char set/font
       available containing all of the diacritics (or precomposed
       chars with diacritics) used in Roman transliteration of Indic
       languages, except may be for the
       CSX+ (Computer Sanskrit eXtended) fonts that do have most of

       You may find that the SIL Encore font package will meet your
       needs. It consists of a library of ~1600 glyphs (mostly Roman,
       though with lots of diacritics available) in 4 styles for each
       of 4 families. It comes with a tool for creating custom
       (TrueType) fonts that allows you to combine any of the glyphs
       together to form precomposed composites; this should allow you
       to get whatever you need. This tool includes a visual editor,
       though the editor is designed for creating custom, 8-bit
       codepages (i.e. fonts that hack Windows CP1252 and the Mac
       Roman codepage), and not Unicode-encoded fonts. The latter can
       be created, though you will need to do some of the work in a
       text editor without the benefit of the visual editor.

       For more information, see http:
       //, which
       includes links that show the complete glyph inventory.


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