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Date: Tue Aug 24 1999 - 09:25:05 EDT

       You can put the characters *wherever* you want to in the PUA -
       it's all unrestricted. The only caution to consider is whether
       the developers of any of the application software you use have
       decided to use portions of the PUA for their own proprietary

       This is not a problem with software from Microsoft (They do use
       the range F020-F0FF for symbol fonts, but those fonts are
       recognised by the OS as being different, i.e. as "symbol
       encoded" as opposed to "UGL encoded", so in theory this range
       shouldn't be a problem. You could avoid it if you felt
       uncertain about that, however.)

       Apple and Adobe both have characters that they have assigned in
       the PUA range. I don't know whether this is of concern in any
       of Apple's software. As for Adobe, I have yet to see versions
       of any of their software with support for Unicode (i.e. not
       using any kind of codepage tables or virtual small fonts), so I
       don't know whether there are any concerns there either. I am
       not aware of any other 3rd party software developers that make
       proprietary use of the PUA.

       Input Methods:
       I understand that Tavultesoft is in process of developing a
       Unicode-capable version of the Keyman product. We in SIL have
       made a lot of use of Keyman for many years (it was developed
       specifically to meet the needs of SIL minority-language
       projects). I have developed a number of input methods myself
       using this product, so I can tell you from experience that it
       is very capable for small- to moderate-sized character sets. It
       does not have any features for developing input methods with
       supporting editing windows and such, as are needed for CJK, but
       that shouldn't be a concern for you.

       For more info, see


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       Subject: Characters in Private Use Area

       I am developing a Unicode font that contains characters needed
       by teachers and scholars working in classical Latin and Greek,
       to supplement those already defined in Unicode. I consulted
       _The Unicode Standard_, p. 6-120 and was still not totally
       certain where to place my characters within the PUA. I guess I
       am a "software developer" and not an "end user" for the
       purposes of this project and so should use positions more
       towards the top of the range (??). One other source I found
       said that all such characters should be assigned positions
       starting at U+F000, but gave no reason or explanation. Can
       anyone clarify this?

       I am also thinking about keyboard entry for my characters.
       Does anyone know if there is, or will be, software available to
       create custom keyboards for Windows 2000? (Right now I am
       using Word 97 macros.)

       Thanks -- David Perry

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