Re: Normalization Form KC for Linux

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Sat Aug 28 1999 - 12:42:23 EDT

Ar 14:59 +0300 1999-08-28, scríobh Paul Keinänen:

>Of course you can have a _glyph_ encoding in which the glyph ä is
>represented by a¨, but I guess that most people in Sweden or Finland would
>have problems deciphering it. This is apparently some Anglo-Saxon tradition,
>as is the translitteration of ä ->ae or ö->oe, which is never used here (a
>and o are used instead if ä and ö are not available).

The tradition is German, though for some stupid reason it has spread to
English-speaking countries.

My point is that saying the ä isn't a base form with a diacritic is just
silly. It's a misunderstanding as to what a letter is and what a character

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