Re: Limitations of Unicode support in Windows 95/98

From: Mark Davis (
Date: Thu Sep 02 1999 - 20:50:32 EDT

Mr. Krugler,

I believe that 95/98 have fairly limited Unicode support: essentially drawing,
measuring, and converting character codes to and from Unicode. Most of the other
APIs will not handle Unicode. The way Office 2000 handles Unicode across both NT
and 95/98 is with libraries that provide Unicode capabilities if it is not
available on the platform. I don't know if there are third-party libraries that
do the same thing.

M. Davis

Ken Krugler wrote:

> Hi,
> I've been in the middle of a technical debate re Unicode on a different
> mailing list. Recently one of the participants stated:
> >While Win95 & Win98 both say they support Unicode, and do internally, the
> >various elements of the user interface don't support Unicode well enough for
> >applications to make use of the support. Specifically, text objects in the
> >non-oriental versions of the O/S do not support Unicode.
> I wasn't aware of a specific limitation with text objects, and/or the
> problems that this causes. Perhaps somebody with more experience in this
> area could provide additional details?
> Thanks,
> -- Ken
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