orthographic characters for glottal stop

From: peter_constable@sil.org
Date: Fri Sep 03 1999 - 17:09:11 EDT

       You lot...

       (In case anyone's interested, I'm working on mappings between
       the Ethiopic script-based and Latin script-based orthographies
       for Basketto, Koorete, Wolaytta and other Omotic languages of
       Ethiopia... )

       I can't remember if this question has come up before: Can
       someone tell me, for languages that use an apostrophe/single
       right curly quotation mark to indicate a glottal stop, is the
       Unicode character of choice U+02BC MODIFIER LETTER APOSTROPHE
       (has category Lm)?

       What about for those cases where the glottal is written using
       the same shape as (European) digit 7? (Not an uncommon
       occurrence since typewriters generally didn't give too many
       options for how to write a glottal stop.) Category Nd and bidi
       property EN aren't appropriate for a word-forming character
       that is written strictly LTR; as a wd-f'ing character, it also
       shouldn't have numeric, digit etc. properties. I haven't found
       anything in the standard that fits (and I think it's an option
       to say, "change all your literature to use a true glottal stop
       glyph"). Do we need to add a character LETTER GLOTTAL 7 with
       category Lo and bidi property L? (I'm expecting I may start
       working in a few weeks on defining mappings from custom 8-bit
       codepages to Unicode for some of the minority languages of
       Mexico that we've worked in, and I know I'm going to encounter
       this one several times for those situations as well as for


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