Re: orthographic characters for glottal stop

Date: Tue Sep 07 1999 - 12:30:07 EDT

       KW>The difference from the "7" is that that was always known to
       just be
       a workaround for keyboards that had no glottal stop. The same
       problem arises for orthographies that used "?" for a glottal
       stop. Neither should be perpetuated into the future because of
       the problems such overloading will cause.

       I agree that these were hacks, that the overloading creates
       problems, and that it would be better to eliminate such use. I
       don't know what it would take to make changes in the linguistic
       communities where 7 has been adopted, however. This constitutes
       an orthography change and so, in principle, falls into the same
       category as suggestions for reforming English orthography,
       albeit there is a very big difference in that this case
       consistitutes only a change in glyph shape and in encoding. I
       would certainly recommend that linguistic communities that have
       used 7 in the past adopt something else as technology for doing
       this comes within their reach. Such decisions still rest in
       their hands, however. If a community insists on sticking with
       the 7 glyph, then hopefully they can still be convinced to
       encode it in Unicode as U+0294 and use a glyph variant.


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