Re: Unicode Dynamic Fonts?

From: Christopher John Fynn (
Date: Tue Sep 07 1999 - 14:42:27 EDT

AFAIK TrueDoc currently only supports fonts with an eight bit
encoding array though the next version is supposed to fix this.

Microsoft's Web Embedding Font Tool (WEFT) does support
these fonts. See:

W3C have also introduced a new draft standard for embedding fonts
in HTML/XML documents. See:
Adobe apparently have a plug-in for Illustrator which enables you to
produce SVG fonts.

BTW how are you going to deal with those scripts that require
context sensitive glyph substitution?


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Subject: Unicode Dynamic Fonts?

I am working on web site intending to describe all the scripts existing
in the world, entirely based on ISO 10646/Unicode.
As I cannot suppose that everybody will have all the font capabilities
for all scripts, I want to use dynamic fonts to with the HTML pages
Does anybody knows a tool able to convert Unicode true type fonts (with
characters with codepoints greater than 255) to TrueDoc pfr font? Nor
HexMac Typograph 2.0 nor Bitstream WebWizard can do that.

P.S. The site (only in french for the moment) is at:


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