Re: Limitations of Unicode support in Windows 95/98

From: Chris Wendt (
Date: Tue Sep 07 1999 - 00:52:10 EDT

As for controls we have improved things for a while already, even down to
Windows 95, with the release of Internet Explorer 4 and the Internet Client
SDK, now called Web Workshop.

To achieve a high level of globalization and full Unicode support you can
host the browser control within your application. You need - choose "Reusing Browser
Technology" - and a so called "ISV" license of the Internet Explorer
Administration Kit, available from Choose "New
User" and type "ISV license" which allows redistribution of Internet
Explorer components with your application.

By hosting the browser control within your application you have full Unicode
rendering and text input support with all the richness of HTML4. The browser
control and mshtml.dll (the essential HTML parsing and rendering engine)
expose COM interfaces, so if you are familiar with COM, it is not too
difficult to work with these. The controls don't care where the HTML stream
comes from, so your application doesn't have to offer any web browsing
capabilities and doesn't have to be connected to anything.

As Avery already pointed out you can read
 if you _really_ want to stick with the old text handling APIs :-)

Chris Wendt,
Program Manager, Internet Explorer
Microsoft Corp.

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> One of my colleagues who was with me at the conference this
> week was able to talk with one of the MS engineers about the
> successor to Win98. (Apparently, Win98 is not to be the end of
> that line.) The understanding we got was that the limitations
> related to Unicode in the Win9x line will continue, though MS
> is getting a lot of pressure from developers to amend that. As
> for UI controls, I'm pretty sure that they're working to
> improve things. From what I've seen, MS is thoroughly committed
> to Unicode at this point, though they may yet have reasons why
> they are moving more slowly in Win9x than many of us wished.
> Peter

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