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Date: Tue Sep 07 1999 - 04:14:03 EDT


I'm not 100% sure of what Yangling is asking for but if I understand correctly,
you are looking for a mechanism to display the Unicode value of any character in
the repertoire. If you want a simple and cheap way, you can use the Windows
Character Map (Start/Program Files/Accessories), clicking on any character will
show the Unicode codepoint in the status bar.

Also, there's a free tool from Bjondi called Character Agent 1.1 which performs
the same job (but a lot nicer and with much more information). This tool is
based on their own UniAPI library and can be downloaded at

If you're simply looking for a list of character codepoints then the Unicode
data tables may be what you want. The Korean mappings for legacy encodings are
available from and the full
Unicode data table from

Hope this is what you're looking for. Best of luck!


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Could anyone help Yangling? Email address is


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Poh Yang Ling wrote: > > Hi Andrea > > Thank for helping me with my doubts. What I want is the numeric values of > the korean charcters. > > regards > yangling > > -----Original Message----- > Sent: Thursday, September 02, 1999 1:21 PM > To: Poh Yang Ling > Subject: Re: Display unicodes values > > Yangling, > > Could you be more specific? Do you mean display the numeric values of > the characters? Or do you mean display the glyphs (pictures) of the > characters in a Unicode file? > > Regards, > Andrea > > Poh Yang Ling wrote: > > > > Hi > > > > I am yangling from Singapore. > > I would ask you if you know of any application that can display the > unicode > > values. I have search the webs for a number of days and an appliaction is > > able to do so,Muni, but it is only for Chinese character. I need it for > > korean language. > > > > Thankz. Good day. ; ) > > > > regards > > yangling

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