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Date: Thu Sep 09 1999 - 04:23:20 EDT

At 16:07 -0700 9/6/1999, A. Vine wrote:
>Could anyone help Yangling? Email address is

>Poh Yang Ling wrote:
>> > I would ask you if you know of any application that can display the
>> unicode values. I have search the webs for a number of days and an
>> > appliaction is able to do so,Muni, but it is only for Chinese character.
>> > I need it for korean language.
>> >
>> > Thankz. Good day. ; )
>> >
>> > regards
>> > yangling

Many Windows and Macintosh applications can display Korean Hangeul and
Hanja. I use U.S. Microsoft Word on U.S. Windows and U.S. Macintosh when I
need tables and other formatting for Korean.

These programs do not support data input (typing, or if you prefer,
keyboarding) for Hangeul. There are several programs that do provide CJK
input. I use Unidoc Unitext on the Mac and Unitype Global Writer or Global
Office on PCs. Alis Technologies sells the Tango browser, e-mail, and Web
page creation software with fonts and input methods for Chinese, Japanese,
and Korean, plus a wide range of alphabetic scripts. If you have Microsoft
Internet Explorer, you can download the CJK IMEs from Microsoft's Web site.
(Other browsers are not permitted to download the files.)

You should also get the free Bitstream Cyberbit font, which includes the
full set of characters from the Japanese and Korean standards, and most of
the Chinese standards. Bitstream no longer offers the fonts on its Web
site, but there are usually others that do.

I suggest that you look at these sites:

Multilingual Computers & Communication magazine

Alis Technologies



Bitstream Cyberbit font and Babble multilingual software

Edward Cherlin
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what you know that ain't so."--Mark Twain, or else
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