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OK it was a rip-off, but it was pretty funny, don't you think? I love that
introductory sentence:

"The ASCII Consortium is the source of the path breaking universal 7-bit
encoding for the scripts of the world's principal LANGUAGE." [emphasis

Also, on the code-chart page:

"Some obselete [sic] written languages, such as French, German, Italian, and
APL, are not yet supported or only partially supported due to the complete
pointlessness of supporting them."

Wonderful sarcasm, in spite of the spelling error.

F. Avery Bishop
speaking for myself, not for Microsoft

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Markus so generously pointed us to:

The proprietor of the ASCII Consortium shamelessly appropriated not
only that spiffy, sparkly "real nineties" Unicode look & feel in
those gorgeous drop-dead colors, but actually purloined some of the
exquisite slick Warholesque artwork, and even *gasp!* "liberated"
that pillar of quixotic design, the Unicode Copyright notice itself!
Have those Brits no shame??? (Check the bottom center of the
so-called "ASCII Consortium" web page where it says "Copyright
1991-1999 Unicode, Inc." Tsk tsk tsk. What a careless counterfeit
job! I'm glad this guy's not printing *my* money...) And if you dig
into the HTML page source, you'll see blatantly ripped off bits of
HTML and even the word "Unicode" still appears right there in the
file. But none of the links go anywhere... Sheesh...

I'm sure that will soon be hearing from a mob
of big hairy lawyers with bulging briefs... How big and hairy will
those lawyers be? As big and hairy as some of the Unicode members, I
suppose... Heh heh heh... I wonder if the "solicitors" at the
University of Southampton are hairy? They're probably beardless
wimps who no doubt drink watery American "beer" in half-pint


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