Re: ASCII Consortium

From: Robert Brady (
Date: Tue Sep 14 1999 - 08:32:27 EDT

On Mon, 13 Sep 1999, Administrator wrote:

> Markus so generously pointed us to:
> The proprietor of the ASCII Consortium shamelessly appropriated not
> only that spiffy, sparkly "real nineties" Unicode look & feel in
> those gorgeous drop-dead colors, but actually purloined some of the
> exquisite slick Warholesque artwork, and even *gasp!* "liberated"
> that pillar of quixotic design, the Unicode Copyright notice itself!
> Have those Brits no shame??? (Check the bottom center of the
> so-called "ASCII Consortium" web page where it says "Copyright

Yeah. I am afraid I cannot explain all those Unicode references... I guess it
must have been crackers or something...

> 1991-1999 Unicode, Inc." Tsk tsk tsk. What a careless counterfeit
> job! I'm glad this guy's not printing *my* money...) And if you dig
> into the HTML page source, you'll see blatantly ripped off bits of
> HTML and even the word "Unicode" still appears right there in the
> file. But none of the links go anywhere... Sheesh...

The page was made for the amusement of myself, and for a few other people
here. I did not expect anyone else to find it, let alone post about it
here! :) I'd have made more pages except a friend reliably informed me not
to push the joke too far...

> I'm sure that will soon be hearing from a mob
> of big hairy lawyers with bulging briefs... How big and hairy will
> those lawyers be? As big and hairy as some of the Unicode members, I
> suppose... Heh heh heh... I wonder if the "solicitors" at the
> University of Southampton are hairy? They're probably beardless
> wimps who no doubt drink watery American "beer" in half-pint
> quantities...

Half american pint, or half british pint?


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