Re: Products supporting Unicode

From: Mark Davis (
Date: Fri Sep 24 1999 - 07:50:22 EDT

I have gotten some good feedback very quickly. Thanks!

A few notes:

- I will send the compiled list around once the feedback dies down,
since some people have requested it.
- Please let me know both the product name and the company name. A
category (e.g. 'database') is nice, but not necessary.
- I count "fonts" among products, so information there is helpful too.
- If the product supports Unicode pretty much as well as it supports any
other code page, fine. Otherwise, please label it "limited support" or
"some support". (Details are nice, but not necessary.)
- If the product is not yet available, please label it "forthcoming".

For example, "MacroOffice SideBar (a database product) has limited
support. The forthcoming version 3.7 has good support."


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