Re: Products supporting Unicode

Date: Fri Sep 24 1999 - 09:13:24 EDT

>- I will send the compiled list around once the feedback dies
       down, since some people have requested it.

       Great! It would be nice if someone wanted to maintain some web
       pages that had this kind of info (they'd only need to receive
       and compile input from others, so it shouldn't take a huge
       amount of work), with a link from the Unicode site. (Yes, "he
       that spoke it is the one to build it", but I'm not in a
       position to offer to do it right now.)

       - I count "fonts" among products, so information there is
       helpful too. - If the product supports Unicode pretty much as
       well as it supports any other code page, fine. Otherwise,
       please label it "limited support" or
       "some support". (Details are nice, but not necessary.)

       It's not clear to me just what you're wanting. There are
       thousands of TrueType fonts out there that have Unicode support
       (at least on Windows), though only for cp1252. I assume you
       don't want that. On the other hand, fonts that cover all of
       Unicode 2.1 or 3.0 can probably be counted on a couple of
       fingers, and these are not practical for most situations. I
       assume, then, that you're interested in fonts that cover
       subsets of Unicode 3 other than the character inventory of
       cp1252 (and, of course, that assume Unicode encoding). Is that


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