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Date: Thu Oct 21 1999 - 05:59:14 EDT

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          Markus Kuhn <> wrote:

> Robert Herzog wrote on 1999-10-15 09:51 UTC:
> >
> > (Of which the following lines might also have to be changed to
> > reflect the unicode 3.0 glyph swap:
> > 03D5;phi1;GREEK PHI SYMBOL)
> Has there already been any progress within Adobe to make this
> swap in the table? Who is in charge of Adobe's glyphlist.txt?

I can't see how that swap makes any sense at all. Any Greek font will
have its phi called /phi, not /phi1, and it will be the curly form. If it
had the alternate, upright form, it would be /phi1.

The Symbol font has an upright phi called /phi, which is also fine, because
that's the glyph variant used for phi in mathematics. The alternate curly
form in this context is /phi1.

It's just a glyph variant, isn't it? The Symbol font has the glyphs for "phi"
and "phi symbol" one way round, reflecting mathematics usage, and a Greek
language font would have them the other way round reflecting Greek usage.

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