Re: Internet Explorer 5, Unicode Fonts, and Fontographer

From: N.R.Liwal (
Date: Tue Nov 02 1999 - 00:06:07 EST

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From: Mark Leisher <>
> This is a good point. A couple questions:
> 1. Should the glyph shape for HEH with YEH above be the YEH BARREE, U+06E7
> Unicode 3.0, or more like the other YEH, U+06CC?

The HEH With YEH Above is recommended by Mr.Roozbeh from Iran and he
says it is uesed in Iran, he will be able to justify that.

> 2. Does it have two or four shapes in Pashto?
But HEH with Hamza Above, have Two shapes in Pashto,
Isolated and Final.


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