Internet Explorer 5, Unicode Fonts, and Fontographer

From: Roozbeh Pournader (
Date: Sun Oct 24 1999 - 11:19:58 EDT

Dear friends, and specially the Microsoft folks,

I am testing the Internet Explorer 5 for its Unicode abilities in
the Farsi language, and came to an interesting problem: It could not
display the medial form of U+06CC, ARABIC LETTER FARSI YEH. I have
even submitted the bug to Microsoft, but it seems that there is
no move in their part. So I tried to hack it myself. The problem
was in the Arabic-capable fonts distributed with IE5. It lacked the
ability. But when I opened the font with Fontographer 4.1, the only
available font-editing tool I had at hand, after saving the font,
(even without any change), the new font stopped working well (I tried
it with the font named Tahoma). It had both its hintings and
contextual ability lost!

Does anyone know of the internal tables of these contextual TrueTypes?
And if a further version of Fontographer can support them?

Most of all, I'm asking the Microsoft folks on the list to solve the
FARSI YEH problem.

--Sorry if this is considered off-topic,

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