Re: how do I make it output the Hindi unicode characters on labels

From: Mark Leisher (
Date: Mon Nov 15 1999 - 11:07:52 EST

    Bhupesh> I am Developing an application which should display it's labels,
    Bhupesh> menus in Hindi language...also when I key in the form it should
    Bhupesh> display in Hindi for whatever I type. ( I am Using Java 2.0 for
    Bhupesh> developing application ). I am making use of Internationalization
    Bhupesh> so that the same thing works for English I have the Character
    Bhupesh> code Equivalent for Hindi ie Devanagiri Script. How can I dictate
    Bhupesh> which unicode set is outputed from the keyboard. For example how
    Bhupesh> do I make it output the Hindi unicode characters (character that
    Bhupesh> r not available on keyboard) rather than the latin. character
    Bhupesh> that r not available on keyboard. I am substituting the unicode
    Bhupesh> value of hindi character for display but it displays a square box
    Bhupesh> for all characters other than Latin....I am Using Java 2.0
    Bhupesh> Internationalization to Out put the character

Hindi support should be in Win2000. I have not heard anything about Hindi
support on commercial Unix OS's.

I did a Devanagari renderer in Java to demonstrate the basics. You can pick
up a copy from:

This renderer only works with the bitmap font I put together which is
available from:

The code will not run by itself. It is part of a larger package which is not
ready to be released yet, but the basic algorithm works pretty well.
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