cp 932 to UTF-8 conversion (for Java)

From: Peck, Jon (peck@spss.com)
Date: Mon Nov 15 1999 - 11:34:58 EST

We need to convert Japanese Windows (cp932) encoded Java resource bundles
into UTF-8. The Java nativetoascii converter seems not to allow us to
preserve the half-width katakana characters, mapping them to their
full-width forms instead of using the characters in the surrogate area.
Since the half-width form is what our folks want, we need to do this for the
user interface materials of a Java app.

Surprisingly, I haven't been able quickly to locate a (preferably batch)
converter that will do this, but surely there must be many. Can anyone
point me to a tool with this capability? I'd certainly prefer not to write

Thanks in advance.

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