The Macintosh WNunavik and Inuktittuut

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Good Day,
    My name is David Birch and I work for the Kativik Regional Government in
Northern Quebec. We are a supramunicipal organization encompassing all of
the northern half of Quebec starting from the 54 th parallel. I was told to
contact you because I have a bit of a dilemma. As we are an Inuit majority
population, all of the documents that we produce are first done in
Inuktittuut, we use a font created in 1985 for the Macintosh operating
system called WNunavik, however, now we find ourselves quickly outgrowing
the Macintosh systems and are trying to move to the PC platform to begin
conforming to Federal and Provincial standards. As our
secretaries/translators/office workers/etc... have been trained in school
using this particular font and keyboard mapping I was wondering if it is
possible to have the font and mapping identical on the PC as it is on the
Macintosh (to eliminate the retraining of all WP staff). I have looked at
the font created for the new territory of Nunavut however their dialect and
some of the characters are completely different and therefore unusable. I
thank you in advance for any and all assistance you may be able to supply,
Thank you very much, sincerely,
Dave Birch - IS Manager
Kativik Regional Government
Kuujjuaq, Nunavik

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