Re: Generic Unicode font handling

From: A. Vine (
Date: Tue Nov 16 1999 - 17:02:38 EST

Michael Kaplan wrote:
> Well, I can state from experience with the FE market, if you do not have 9 pt fonts, you may as well
> save yourself the trouble of localizing into their language. And I do not blame them, considering
> the complexity of the glyphs.
> An easy workaround is to use 9 pt across the board, then everyone is happy. You can use 9 pt MS Sans
> and all will be displayed.
> Note that other fonts like Tahoma (world-wide except for FE) and Arial Unicode (world-wide, no
> exceptions) are considered to be ugly at 9 pt in some languages by design folks (I don't mind 9 pt
> Tahoma much myself, and I have never heard of a product's sales being affected by that the same way
> it will be affected in the FE markets to shrink their glyphs down to unreadable.
> So, to recap: 9 pt MS Sans everyhere, then use the earlier stated guidelines for what order to
> localize with so you cn resize controls appropriately before most localizers have to worry about it
> (easy if you pick your pilot languages carefully).
> michka

Admittedly I haven't tried this, but 9pt sounds _exceptionally_ small. I don't
even use it in English. The online font settings I use (on Solaris/CDE) are
usually 12pt. Is there some difference in display on the PC? Is there anyone
else who can attest to 9pt for Asian language characters?


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