Re: Generic Unicode font handling

From: Akerbeltz Alba (
Date: Wed Nov 17 1999 - 10:59:01 EST

Michael yauh sh gw:

> Michael Kaplan wrote:
> Admittedly I haven't tried this, but 9pt sounds _exceptionally_
small. I don't
> even use it in English. The online font settings I use (on
Solaris/CDE) are
> usually 12pt. Is there some difference in display on the PC? Is
there anyone
> else who can attest to 9pt for Asian language characters?

Depending on the font, a simple non-calligraphic one, possibly, but
rather uncomfortable for reading; 12pt or sometimes higher
definitely preferrable.
But I think it is more a problem for the inexperienced reader, reding
a cantonese/chinese newspaper using type between 9-11 pt
"traditionally" involves a lot of guesswork since characters with
more than, say, 20 strokes tend to turn up as blotches with only an
outline which can be made out anyway.
But I'd definitely prefer 11-12pt


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