Re: Input of Unicode characters

From: Hideki Hiura (
Date: Sat Nov 20 1999 - 20:34:25 EST

You can download the Unicode input method IIIMF(Internet/Intranet Input
method Federation Framework) as a part of Free Solaris Solaris 8 Early
Access at
Unfortunately, Solars 8 EA only runs on SPARC or x86 PCs platforms,
but IIIMF itself is designed to be platform neutral. The server side
is verified to run on UNIXes including linux, Windows, and the client
side is verified to run on Java, which is already a part of Java2,
Unixes(as a part of Xlib), and Windows.

While waiting for the open source release of IIIMF, you can download
Solaris 8 EA from
to seee IIIMF SDK2 implementation, or download IIIMF SDK1 source,
which only contains the UNIX-only server side source code, from the
solaris developpers connection website(

Hideki HIURA, hideki.hiura@Sun.COM
Sun Microsystems Inc. Mountain View, CA.

> From: Mark Leisher <>
> Franko> I have just succeded to input my first Unicode characters in a
> Franko> Mac. It was done in inDesign by Adobe and I used the "Insert
> Franko> character" function. It can be done, but it isn't done easily.
> For a general Latin keyboard arrangement that has most of the letters and
> diacritics, I added the Bibliographic Workstation keyboard layout information
> to my keyboard pages.
> There is a link to a plain ASCII file that has key bindings in a simple,
> readable form that are useful when creating your own keyboard arrangement.
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> Mark Leisher
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> New Mexico State University a very short one:
> Box 30001, Dept. 3CRL "Oh Lord, make my enemies ridiculous."
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