Re: Input of Unicode characters

From: Christopher John Fynn (
Date: Sun Nov 21 1999 - 05:48:37 EST

Does Unicode include "the Extended Characters for Vedic" listed in Annex G
of Indian Standard IS 13194 : 1991 (ISCII)?

In that standard these characters are named as follows:
Visarga1, Filler, Yajurvedic Anusvara1, Yajurvedic Anusvara2, Shukla
Yajurvedic Anusvara, Yajurvedic Anusvara3, Yajurvedic Anusvara4, Jivamuliya,
Krishna Yajurvedic Anusvara, Krishna Yajurvedic Long Anusvara, Yajurvedic
Anusvara5, Yajurvedic Anusvara6, Yajurvedic Anusvara7, Long Kampa, Short
Jatya Svarita-Atharvaveda, Svarita, Long Svarita, Anudatta, Jatya Svarita
Shukla Yajurveda, Jatya Svarita, Shukla Maitrayaniya, Sentance ending
Udatta, Jatya Svarita non-Taittirya Yajurveda, Svarita Maitrayaniya, and
Anudatta Kathaka.

These characters are outside the normal 8-bit encoding space of ISCII and in
that standard must be accessed by use of the ISCII Extension code character

- Chris

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