Re: Unicode with inDesign on Mac OS

From: Franko Luin (
Date: Sun Nov 21 1999 - 17:36:06 EST

Elbrecht skribis:

> what kind of Unicode characters did you succeed with - I guess only
> characters covered by an installed Language Kit, didn't you? Which
> Unicode characters is it possible to enter with Adobe inDesign?
> I am searching an ATSUI compatible application - to enter/edit ALL
> Unicode characters, even those not covered by Apple Language Kits!
> Since Mac OS 8.5 I was told this should work even with PC-fonts!!!

Capitals, Charcoal, Gadget, Palatino, Sand, Techno, Textile - as you see
fonts installed by the ordinary Mac OS installation. There may be more.
There is an odd possibility to insert Unicode characters in inDesign - in
this case I am talking only of the Latin alphabet - by the "Insert
character" menu item. It works, but it isn't user-friendly at all.

As for your search for an ATSUI compatible application, I feel the same
frustration as you not beeing able to receive any adequate information.
There are lots of technical documents on the Apple site, but not a single
one telling how an ordinary user can make use of Unicode, e.g. what
applications to use or what routines.

I am afraid that a contribution found on another list, telling that Unicode
will be usable on the Mac only with Mac OS X, may be true. InDesign seems to
be an anomality.

Franko Luin


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