RE: Multilingual Documents [was: HTML forms and UTF-8]

From: Birger Langkjer (
Date: Tue Nov 23 1999 - 09:56:47 EST

Den tir, 23 nov 1999 skrev du:
> my usage is (again relatively speaking) quite rare outside Japan (yes,
> schools and students and Japanese people living abroad do it, but these are
> relatively small groups).

So basically it is companies (and normal users that live in their own country
and don't use other languages frequently) that don't need multilingual

It's always difficult to decide when something is a luxury or a 'must'. If you
give it to people and then take it away, it's a must-have only if they miss it.
Perhaps you should conduct an experiment along those lines.

Most of my documents aren't multilingual either, it's the ones that are that
give problems.

Med venlig hilsen/Best regards
Birger Langkjer

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