Multilingual documents

From: Maurice Bauhahn (
Date: Wed Dec 01 1999 - 02:10:33 EST

As an author of a multilingual document (a four language/multi-script medical
dictionary) I would like to put a good word in for the Rosetta stones of our age:
multilingual dictionaries. How are we going to move information between languages
unless there are translation tools which are multilingual? In this sense
multilingual documents may have a value which exceeds their number.


Maurice Bauhahn

Edward Cherlin wrote:

> Microsoft and Xerox market research found a small percentage of
> documents that require more than one language, and even fewer that
> require more than one writing system:
> At 03:00 -0800 1999/11/22, Chris Pratley wrote:
> > The multilingual documents we found while doing our customer
> >visits were mainly government related, or created by people whose business
> >was multilingual documents (e.g. translators, linguists). It is not the case
> >that these documents are hard to create (after all, how hard is a bilingual
> >French/English or German/English document to create, technically?). It is
> >just not preferred. Most people create two versions of a document if they
> >genuinely need multilingual versions of one document. Otherwise, they simply
> >pick a language appropriate to the audience and use that exclusively.

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