RE: Unicode in RichEdit 2

From: Paul Dempsey (Exchange) (
Date: Mon Dec 06 1999 - 13:15:18 EST

As you discovered, my sample requires richedit 3. I haven't programmed for
richedit in the past and I didn't realize that I was using new features. My
aplogies. The new richedit.h for richedit version 3 is in the Windows 2000
SDK. I'm working on another version of this program that works with richedit
2 and the headers included with the current VC 6.0. I'll post it when I'm
sure it's working right. Please stay tuned.

--- Paul Chase Dempsey

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I appreciated Paul Dempsey's short RichEdit2 program, but I was unable to
compile it using VC++ 6.0. The VC++ 6.0 richedit.h include file does not
have definitions for SETTEXTEX and friends. Where do I find the updated
richedit.h file?
Dick Janzig

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