Re: Bidi reordering results - final

Date: Mon Dec 06 1999 - 17:15:23 EST


I wanted to point out once more that the "pretty good" algorithm means that
it is fast but not conformant to the Unicode BiDi algorithm. It
approximates it, but gets some things wrong, and Mark has not implemented
explicit codes so far.

Also, the location for the IBM Classes for Unicode (ICU) should be given as rather than the
alphaworks server that we used to use.

Curious only that some of the results from the "Unicode Reference Code" do
not match the ICU results, which were cross-checked with the Java reference
implementation that is now part of the standard and is going to go onto the
CD. We will look into this, or maybe someone else (Mark? Asmus?) can look
at it, too.


Mark Leisher <> on 99-12-06 13:40:07

To: "Unicode List" <>
Subject: Bidi reordering results - final

The comparison table of implicit bidirectional reordering behavior for
text has another entry. I finally discovered what I was doing wrong with
ICU test code I wrote.

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