RE: Number ordering

Date: Mon Dec 06 1999 - 05:46:31 EST

Mark Leisher wrote:
>Recent experimentation with bidi reordering algorithms brings up some
>questions. I am told (by native speakers) that the expression "-10%" is
>written "%-10" in Persian and "%10-" in Arabic. How is it written in
>Thaana? Syriac? Are implementers using explicit bidi codes to reorder
>expressions like this?

This has more to do with locale-dependent presentation of data (numbers,
money, date, time, etc.) than with the Unicode bidi algorithm.

I write applications for commerce and, in fact, we often wish that locale
settings also had an entry to specify the format of percentages. Especially
*negative* percentages that, in our world, mean "discounts".

But I don't see why the text you mention should need explicit bidi codes: if
backstore contains sequences like "10-%" or "-10%", after bidi reordering
the two strings should display as "%-10" and "%10-" respectively, with no
need of explicit bidi codes (or even "implicit" codes like LRM or RLM). But
my understanding of the bidi algo is quite poor: am I missing something?


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