Re: NSM character type in Bidi algorithm

From: Chookij Vanatham (
Date: Thu Dec 09 1999 - 14:48:19 EST

Hi Rick,

Thanks for the discussion.

] Your degenerate case of a Thai vowel "y" immediately after the Arabic letter
] "B" should result in the "x" being displayed over the "B". I.e.:
] Logical input : A B x
] First pass output : x B A
] Re-ordered visual output: B x A
] In other words reading glyphs off left to right, the display has "B" with
] "x" above it, then "A".
Wouldn't that be a little bit odd to have the Thai vowel "x" displayed on top
of the arabic consonant "B" ?

I have just come across another point where if users want to be able to
display Thai vowel on top of arabic consonant, what the logic would be and
whether the bidi algorithm would help on this or not, or it doesn't matter
with the bidi algorithm. :)

Chookij V.

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