Re: Unicode support on Macintosh?

From: Pete Resnick (
Date: Thu Dec 09 1999 - 15:02:38 EST

On 12/9/99 at 11:19 AM -0800, Stefan Baums wrote:

>I would like to know about the support for UTF-8 in standard email
>readers on moderately recent Apple Macs.

Two problems:

1. Mail readers are just starting to deal with UTF-8 in general. The
latest versions of OE and Netscape do, and our recently released beta
of Eudora can display it OK. But anything older and you're up the

2. The particular glyphs you're interested in are a problem. The s
with dot under and t with dot under aren't in any of the normally
installed fonts (or at least the latest version of the Apple Unicode
Converter doesn't know of any conversion), and i with overbar is only
in one of the Chinese fonts which I bet a bunch of people don't

I don't think you're going to be too well off.


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